We supply specialty, microelectronic, surface finish, fluoro- and industrial chemicals.

Gas Technologies supplies materials for surface finishing applications, including lapping, polishing, chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), grinding, cutting and more. Industries that use these applications include microelectronics, metals, plastic, optical and others.

Gas Technologies offers a variety of surface finish products, such as polishing slurries, polishing pasts, polishing pads, grinding wheels, lapping slurries, and abrasives. In addition, the Company’s knowledgeable and experienced application engineers provide technical support that helps customers optimize their use of these materials.

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We're proud of our professional working relationship with leading global suppliers of gases, chemicals and gas generators.


We maintain an unwavering commitment to the safety of our employees and customers and protection of the environment.


Safety and health, responsible handling of hazardous materials, and protection of the environment are integral parts of Gas Technologies' work processes. The Company views safety as important as quality, productivity and efficiency.


Gas Technologies & Chemicals believes that providing high-quality products and services is the most effective way to acquire the trust and satisfaction of its customers and thereby ensure the Company's continued growth and success.

Gas Technologies is certified by three ISO standards.