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R-744A,Nitrous Oxide: N2O

Molecular weight g/mol: 44.013
Purity: 99.995% 
CAS: 10024-97-2 EC: 233-032-0 UN: 1070; 2201 (Refrigerated liquid) 
Typical Filling Pressure: 15 °C: 46 bar(a)    70 °F: 745 psi(g) 
Characteristics: Colourless and odourless gas. 

Liquid State  
Density at b.p. 1 atm kg/l: 1.2225
Density 20 °C kg/l: 0.785 
Vapor pressure 20 °C bar:  51.27
Specific heat kJ/kg*K:  
Rel.Spec.wgt, air=1 (15 °C.1 bar): 1.53
Density 15 °C 1 atm kg/m3: 1.87
Gaseous state  
Specific heat (15 °C) kJ/kg* K:   0.868
Thermal conductivity µW/cm• K:  
Solubility in water at P=1 bar l/kg:  
Boiling point (1 atm)  
Temp. °C: -88.5 
Heat of vaporization kJ/kg 390.9  
Critical point  
Temp. °C: -36.4 
Pressure bar: 72.45
Density kg/l: 0.4520  
Flammability in air  
Lower limit % volume: n.a.
Upper limit % volume: n.a.

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